About Me

Reason of Hire

 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
 Excellent capacity of working in a team, motivating, inspired people
 Excellent Proficient in Social Media
 Great Knowledge in Web Development, Specially WordPress CMS
 Wonderful experience with Bootstrap web framework.
 Excellent Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
 Excellent presentation skills & make Slides
 Fluent in English, Bangla & Understand Hindi
 Passion to work for Information Technology, Science Education Popularization, Analysis & Research, Blogging, Social activities & Journalism.

I always Believe "You Can, If You Believe you Can" & I follwed my own way....

Why you choose me

 For Quality Product
 Learning scope
 Good Communication
 Quick Response
 Friendly

Key benifite work with me

 Available 24/7 in online
 Maintain timeline of work
 Great Communication Skilled
 Honest in my profesonalism
 Always First Priority is Client

Why you hire me

 Work sample
 Previous experience
 Live project demo
 New Idea exchange
 Sharing knowledge


Jack Ma

Sundar Pichai

Mark Zuckerberg

Ratan Tata

Happy Clinets

Listen their imagine and do it with your confidence


Before hire me
Please read my resume

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